customer's order

Sep 12, 2013

personalized paper bag ordered by Mrs Anushia for her son's 1st birthday party back in May 2013. she requested Mickey Mouse theme so we used Disney font for the wordings. :)

 colorful mickey head as requested. ;)

next is 100 pcs of colorful wooden clip bought by Shila. bye bye cute birdie!
most favorite wooden clip. 
too cute to handle ey? ^^

thanks for your purchase! ^^

wooden clip (set of 10)

Sep 10, 2013

clip measurement: 35mm x 7mm

code: WC10
design: love
1 set (10 pcs)
RM4 / set

1 - Available

code: WC11
design: bear
1 set (10 pcs)
RM4 / set

1 - Available
2 - Available

code: WC9 (not WC11)
design: cat
1 set (10 pcs)
RM4 / set

1 - Sold
2 - Sold

clearance - mini love-ladybird clip (set of 12)

mini wooden clip
(sealed and packed in wooden box)

code: WC12
design: red love with ladybird
clip measurement: 25mm x 4mm

1 set (12 pcs)

normal price: RM5/box
clearance: RM4/box

1 - Sold
2 - Sold
3 - Sold
4 - Sold

6 box available

clear stamp for sale

Sep 6, 2013

As salam. sorry for the long silence. I would like to let go some of my clear stamps. the stamps were imported from US and I never use them before. these designs were quite hard to get yah.

please note that some of the packaging were torn but no worries.. stamp is still in excellent condition. ;)

you can use the stamps for your card making, scrapbooking, or even personalizing your white or brown paper bag. :)

thanks a bunch
code: CS01



on your wedding day
two hearts beat as one
forever & always
code: CS02



little birdie in cage
code: CS03



fun borders A
code: CS04



fun borders B
code: CS05



price is excluding postage.
great discount will be given if you buy 3 stamps and above! :)


customer's order

Apr 15, 2013

ID card holder from PVC fabric ordered by Shima

ID card holder ordered by Saila (Sheffield, UK)

another ID card holder from PVC fabric, ordered by Akmar

thanks a bunch, girls!

order for PVC fabric is officially closed! hehe. :)

customer's order

Mar 28, 2013

all black for my sister.
reusing the alphabet buttons. :p

 pink and lime green ordered by Amy.
looks so manis ey? ^^

lime green and purple ordered by Fyna. 
cute ladybird!

 ready to go~ ;)

hopefully you're satisfied with your item, girls. ^^

colorful wooden clip

Mar 24, 2013

garden theme
50 pcs of colorful wooden clip

6 x green butterfly
6 x purple butterfly
6 x pink birdie
6 x turquoise birdie
6 x purple birdie
6 x red birdie
6 x orange birdie
6 x purple flower
2 x red love


1 - sold
2 - sold

buy 2 sets at RM25/set. save more! ;)
price excluding postage.

nice for kid's birthday party!